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Introducing our Outdoor Water-Repellent Canvas Car Covers, proudly Australian-made and custom-tailored for a precise fit. These covers are designed to be water-repellent and UV-resistant, offering robust protection against water, dust, bird droppings, leaves, and sticks. Built for durability with rot-proof canvas, they're easy to maintain – just wash with 4 parts fresh water and 1 part bleach. Enhance your vehicle's protection with our Outdoor Water-Repellent Canvas Car Covers, a stylish and dependable choice.


Image above is for illustrative purposes - your car cover will be tailored to your make, model and shape.


*Size Chart (Bumper to Bumper)


0.00 -  4.35m   -  Extra Small

4.40 -  4.65 m  -  Small

4.70  -  5.15m   -  Large

5.20  -  5.45m  -  Extra Large


If your car is greater than 5.50m, please call us or fill in a quote form for a price. 

Small Outdoor Water-repellent Cover

GST Included
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